Breast Lift Surgery (Mastopexy)

Breast lift is a surgical procedure done for raising saggy, deformed breasts. Breast lift surgery can be done to augment or reduce breast size. Surgical plan is made according to the breast structure and needs of the patient. Especially after childbirth and rapid weight gain or weight loss breast tissue may sag. Breast lift surgery can help breasts look more aesthetic and proportional to the body.

How is Breast Lift Surgery Done?

Breast lift is a surgical procedure. On saggy breast areola falls below the line breasts fold. To eliminate the sagging areola must also be relocated and raised. To fix sagging with methods like gels, creams or massage therefore is not possible.

Two main methods are used in breast lift surgeries:

  • Breast lift with silicone implants: This method is ideal for patients with little sagging. To eliminate sagging tissues under the breast are supported with silicone prosthesis and breasts are lifted by them.
  • Raising sagging skin: If enough breast tissue is present and sagging is a lot a surgical plan like breast reduction can be made. But breast reduction is not done if patient does not request it. Sagging tissue is raised and areola is placed in a higher location, breast glands is not removed.

Why Do Breasts Sag? Who Can Get Breast Lift Surgery?

Like all tissues in our body breast tissue also can also wear down. Skin can lose elasticity and sag. Factors like genetic tendencies, childbirth, breast feeding and choosing wrong bras can also badly influence the amount of sagging. For women with complaints about sagging breats breast lift surgery can be the most ideal solution.

  • Breast lift surgery is generally preferred by patients with advanced age but can be done on any patient over 20.
  • Anybody that has no obstacle for surgery or general anaesthesia can get breast lift surgery.
  • It is especially important for patients to have realistic expectations.

Can You Breast Feed After Breast Lift Surgery?

After breast surgeries breastfeeding function can be protected. If during procedure milk glans are not harmed it is possible to continue breast feeding after surgery. Whether breastfeeding is affected by the surgery or not depends on the breast lift technique used in the surgery. If patients plan to continue breastfeeding after surgery, it should be talked in detail prior to surgery and surgical plan must be made accordingly.

Can Breasts Sag Again After Breast Lift Surgery?

Results of the breast lift surgery are permanent. But with aging all tissues including the breast tissue can sag. To keep the results provided by the surgery patients should also manage their weight. If patients gain weight rapidly after surgery breasts can sag again.

Does Breast Lift Surgery Leave a Scar?

Breast lift surgery can leave slight scars on breast area. At the first days following the surgery scars may be apparent. But they fade away with time blending in with skin colour. In conclusion scars left by the surgery do not cause any aesthetic concerns and the lifting effect of the surgery is highly satisfactory.

Breast Lift Surgery After Care

Complete recovery after breast lift surgery can take up to 1-2 weeks. Generally, patients go back to work and social life. During healing process (for approximately 1 month) patients must wear a sports bra. This allows tissues to heal perfectly. After the removal of the stitches bruising and swelling at the area start to diminish. It can take 1 year for breasts to completely heal and look their most natural self.

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