Cheek Aesthetic

Cheeks covering a large portion of our face highly effects our face shape. Saggy, deformed, or sunken cheeks can affect face shape negatively making one look sad, unhappy, and old. Thanks to cheek aesthetics cheeks can be reshaped to fit face shape and gain volume. Cheek aesthetic can also be used to create dimples. Dimples can create a distinct and attractive look and help patients feel good and at peace with they look and make them feel better in their social lives.

Why Can Cheek Aesthetic Be Done?

Cheek aesthetic can be done to both young and old patients. Some people may have naturally saggy or too voluminous big cheeks. This may result in a round face and patients appearing fatter than they are. To get the lean long look also known as “Hollywood cheeks” buccal fat removal, bichectomy can be done. This surgical aesthetic procedure can create attractive prominent cheekbones and a proportional cheek and face. Some people may also want surgically made dimples.

How is Bichectomy (Cheek Aesthetic Surgery) Done?

The purpose of bichectomy is to shape cheeks to bring out cheekbones and chin and eliminate the saggy and fat appearance of the cheeks. Cheek aesthetic surgery aims to create sharp and attractive facial features and is usually done under local anaesthesia. If other applications are to be done in face area general anaesthesia can also be preferred. Under local anaesthesia patients do not feel any pain. A 1 cm incision is done from the inside of the cheek and from there inner tissues are reached and the parts that make the cheek look fat are removed. At this point you doctor being an expert at what he is doing is crucial because to get the expected results both cheeks should get the exact application and your cheeks should be symmetrical. If necessary, fat removed from cheeks can be injected to cheekbones creating the ideal V shape.

Bichectomy Aftercare

Patients can be discharged in the same day after the surgery. During the healing process it is important to be careful about mouth hygiene, use mouthwash regularly and keep the area infection free. To further protect the area antibiotics prescribed by your doctor should be used regularly. Consuming soft and liquid foods can also help healing process go smoother by reducing the bleeding risk.

What Is Dimple Aesthetic? Why Is It Done?

Dimples are small indentations located on cheeks. Dimples are muscle anomalies, but they are aesthetically pleasing and attractive to many. Because of the energetic and lively expression, it adds up to smiles it is something many aspire to have. Thanks to present day surgical advancements it is possible to create dimples.

How is Dimple Surgery Done?

Dimple surgeries are short and do not cause any serious complications. Before surgery area is numbed with local anaesthesia. Patients do not feel any pain during surgery. Dimple surgery is done from inside of the mouth. Cheek area is reached from a 3-4mm incision. All surgical procedure is done in 10-30 minutes.

Dimple Surgery Aftercare

Because it is done from inside of the mouth it is particularly important to keep the area clean from any possible infections. It is important to give importance to mouth hygiene and to eliminate the possibility of bleeding not forcing the area. Consuming soft and liquid food can help the area heal fast and with no problems.

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