Eyebrow Lifting

Eyebrows help us show our feelings through mimics. They can change our whole face and facial expression. Having high arched brows can help create a more energetic and youthful look. Low eyebrows can make a person look older, more tired, and angry. Thanks to eyebrow lift this problem can be eliminated. Thread lifting is a common method of eyebrow lifting in the present day. Surgical eyebrow lift can also provide permanent and successful results.

Why is Surgical Lift Done?

Gravity and other external factors can cause tissues to lose their elasticity causing sagging and wrinkles around the eye area. Low eyebrows can negatively affect facial expression. Some may have naturally low eyebrows. Anybody that wants to fix the deformed eyebrow look and to have high arched eyebrows can get eyebrow lift surgery. Eyebrow lifting applications can tighten tissues and protect or recreate the youthful look boosting confidence.

What Is Eyebrow Lift Surgery?

Eyebrow lift surgery provides permanent results and is ideal for young or middle-aged patients. Before starting surgery new positioning of the eyebrows are decided. By making incisions from the upper part pf the eyebrow tissues are reached targeted skin removed and eyebrows are lifted.

What is Eyebrow Thread Lift?

Eyebrow thread lift is a widely used method that is perfectly safe. During surgery special surgical threads are used. These threads are inserted under the skin using needles and tissues at the eyebrow area are lifted. Thread lifting can be applied to whole face. When applied to whole face thread lift can provide very satisfying results.

Does Eyebrow Thread Lift Hurt?

Eyebrow thread lift is done using local anaesthesia. The entry points of needles are completely numb, so patients do not feel any pain during procedure. After procedure slight pain may be felt and to stop that from causing you discomfort your doctor may prescribe you painkillers.

How Long Does Eyebrow Thread Lift Take?

Eyebrow thread lift shows effects after one application. Depending on the procedure done eyebrow thread lift may last around 30-40 minutes. Swelling and redness may occur in the area, but these side effects pass in a few days revealing the desired high arched lifted eyebrow look.

Eyebrow Lift After Care

After eyebrow lift it is important to protect the area. Especially how you sleep is crucial laying on your face must be avoided. Places like sauna, Turkish baths that have high levels of heat must be completely avoided. Patients should not do intense workout or touch, rub eyebrow area for at least 1 week.

Is Eyebrow Lift Safe? What Are the Side Effects?

Both thread and surgical lifting are accepted and used worldwide. They can cause no unexpected serious risks. But as it is with every aesthetic application it is particularly important how expert your doctor is in his field. Under sterile conditions using the right method eyebrow lift can provide successful results.

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