Let Down Technique

Let down technique; is an aesthetic surgery method that protects the bridge of the nose, allowing a more natural, satisfying result to be achieved than the common rhinoplasty surgery methods. How natural a nose looks post operation is the leading concern and requires the most attention when it comes to rhinoplasty surgeries. Everybody that is getting a rhinoplasty wants a nose that is proportional to their face. Naturality is also important for the procedure to be unnoticeable to outsiders and for the new nose to not look fake. At rhinoplasty surgeries done with let down technique soft tissues are damaged at a minimum level and when the bridge of nose is touched, the texture is not rough, increasing the overall satisfaction.

What Is Let Down Technique?

Many different methods are used in rhinoplasty surgeries nowadays. These methods are chosen depending on the face type and needs of the patients, fixing shape and function issues while preserving characteristic features. This allows patients to have natural looking noses that others may not even notice that went through a rhinoplasty rather than noses that are all identical and one type. Let down technique is a rhinoplasty technique that is highly demanded and provides very natural results. The main purpose of let down technique is to preserve the nose bridge and provide results that are natural looking even in pictures.

How Is Let Down Technique Different from Classic Rhinoplasty Methods?

Let down technique is different from classic rhinoplasty methods regarding the technique it uses. In classic rhinoplasty methods the bone at the bridge of the nose and cartilages are removed and filed. Then with extra bones the anatomical structure of the nose is recreated. But imitating the natural anatomy is not always possible. Even done in the best way possible it may be difficult to recreate the natural nose shape. When seen under direct like or in pictures it may be obvious that the person has undergone a rhinoplasty. At the same time at surgeries done using classical rhinoplasty methods when the bridge of the nose is touched a textured structure may be felt. Let down technique does not damage the bridge of the nose. The intervention is done on extra cartilage and tissues under the nasal hump. This by giving the nose a curve can provide more natural and unique results.

How Is Let Down Technique Rhinoplasty Done?

Let down technique rhinoplasty can be done as closed or open surgery. When necessary the tip of the nose can also be intervened along with the aesthetic flaws at the nasal hump. The nose tip can be lifted or made smaller. Creating a nose shape that is aesthetic and pleasing from all sides. Rhinoplasty surgeries done using let down technique are also done under general anaesthesia, so patients do not feel any pain or discomfort during the procedure. The surgery is complete in around 2-2.5 hours.

Who Can Get Let Down Technique Rhinoplasty?

Let down technique rhinoplasty is ideal for patients that want a natural look and a rhinoplasty surgery that is unnoticeable. It can be done on patients that have a nasal hump and when looked directly from across, have the suitable anatomy for the procedure. On patients that do not have too much crookedness, the side parts of the nose can also be intervened, solving the nasal hump problem and crookedness at once. For the let down technique rhinoplasty to be done it is not necessary for patients to have straight noses. As long as patient’s nose structure allows it, let down technique rhinoplasty can provide successful results on patients with nasal hump.

How Is the Healing Process After Let Down Technique Rhinoplasty?

Healing process after let down technique rhinoplasty is shorter compared to classical rhinoplasty surgeries. Let down technique does not disrupt the original anatomy of the nose bridge therefore the side effects after the surgery are lighter. After full recovery patients can breathe more comfortably. Full recovery period depends on the individual. To shorten the healing period patients should avoid using tobacco and alcohol. After bandages are removed patients may be advised to massage their noses to maintain, protect the shape and help the  new nose shape settle.

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